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    • Thanks for the feedback, it is something I’d like to address when I get the time. Ideally, I want someone to go from beginning to end with a basic setup for Git. The problem with that is that I have no idea what people may use Git for, what their network is like, and what sort of computer they are working on. So a beginning-to-end tutorial would fail them in most cases. I designed these tutorials with the expectation that people arm themselves with background knowledge along the way. There is no way for me to tell what a person has or hasn’t done before they try to set this up. I am pretty sure I could streamline this for the future but it will just take time.

    • If you’re after specific information, I’m happy to tell you a beginning to end, zero-understanding-necessary type of method to get up and running. I could write a tutorial that way but without all the things to be aware of, there would be no promise of a working repo afterwards.

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