One comment on “What do you do? Why do you do it?

  1. This is excellent; it’s important to understand where you’re coming from, what you’re doing and where you’re going. A lot of your thought and feelings are completely human- we have to do what we can to fit in the system, even if it’s not for the reasons we’d like. But it’s essentially good, and there’s a lot of good in what you’re doing that’s clear! I guess at times we have to do things so that we can do other things- studying allows us to unlock all sorts of things in our life, and more importantly gives us meaning and direction. It’s clear that you want to do something with your life, and you’re doing it- so hold on to that!

    Me, well I’m studying too. I’m studying law because, well, that’s what I was always going to do. It didn’t really cross my mind that I could do something else. Not because it’s what anyone expected of me- I don’t have a single lawyer in my family- but because it suits me. Now it’s hard slog and not that great at times, but I’ve come at last to find my niche and I’m making the most of that. I’m also doing Arts because it’s easy, I enjoy it and it makes my life better.

    Since I was raised by teachers, studying was always what was going to happen. I have an aptitude for langauges and problem solving etc, I get off on it a bit. So I’ve tried to fuel that as much as possible. Obviously it will open up a range of possibilities for me in the future, but that’s not really a motivation for me. I just do it because that’s what I was always going to do. I want to be a lawyer because I’ve always enjoyed public speaking, making arguments, being the centre of attention and so on. It should be well suited to me and I’m fine with that.

    One thing I learned when I first started Law was that expectations and reality are often very different. But I’ve come through that now with adjusted expectations. I think sometimes it’s good not think too much about why you’re doing something if it’s a logical and constructive thing to do- we can start to second guess ourselves. That being said, if you’re unhappy *specifically* because of what you’re doing then it’s very important- but it’s very easu to find scapegoats when life gets you down.

    I think essentially my motivation comes from achieving; I’m fairly lazy but I will do enough to do well and the aim is to be noticed and appreciated. I don’t actually know that I’m very good at that becuase of who I am but that’s another thing to it. Sometimes a selfish thing like wanting to be really clever or successful is still a good motivator if it drives you to do good.

    I dunno. Those are some random thoughts spilling out of my brain!!

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